Additional Fees & Services

Additional Fees and Services are billed at $50.00 per hour.

Minimum 1/2 hour increments.

What are Additional Fees?

Additional Fees are charges you might incur on all requests for changes, additions, deletions, or indecisions AFTER you submit your approved Final Text and Images Checklist, and AFTER you plunk down your 50% deposit.

I know that was a long sentence but I think it covered the subject thoroughly.

The reason for this rather inflexible stance on my part is because I most likely will have already begun work on your website and I have very little wiggle room for additional work in your basic $250 fee.

My hourly rate is: $50.00 and I bill in minimums of 1/2 hour.

Good Information: Review all the information you send to me — before you send it — or you might incur Additional Fees.


Your site  includes up to 20 images and 5 pages but you have itemize only 18 images on your approved checklist. After a few days you find another image you would like to add. I would like to accommodate you, however I only allow one day to work on your site and by the time you get to me your site may be under weigh — or even finished. Going back to you site and adding an additional image and description, etc is extra work. If that new-found photo was included with your approved checklist, there would not be an additional charge.

This means you should be well organized up front so that I am clear about the scope of work before I begin.


What are Additional Services?

Additional Services give you the opportunity to add specific features that you may wish to add to your website. Below is a list of features and the billing rates for each one. These features can be added at any time to your website. Some of these features have free and paid version. I install the free versions and give you the opportunity to pay for the Pro versions. Pro versions are paid directly to the software company.


Website Maintenance

I’ll always be just an email or phone call away, ready to provide expert advice and guidance when you need it most. I’m available to add new images, edit your texts, and advise in writing marketing copy that will promote your artwork to your audience.

  • Hourly Fee: $50.00
  • Billed in increments of: 1/2 hour


Other Services Available

Website maintenance training (phone service)

  • 1 hour is included with your website design
  • Hourly rate after first hour: $50.00
  • Billed in increments of minimum 1/2 hour

Spam protection by CleanTalk

  • Free version included on your site
  • Yearly Pro version: $8.00

Website security by WordFence

  • Free version included on your site
  • Year Pro version:

E-mail subscriptions by MailChimp

  • Set up your MailChimp account, upload emails addresses, configure MailChimp widget.
  • One-time setup: $50.00

Professional email address by GoDaddy

I’ll take the hassle out of setting up email with your own, custom domain name. Build trust with an email that matches your name. It’s portable and goes wherever you go. (GoDaddy services only)

  • One-time setup: $50.00
  • Yearly Fee:

Let us build your website for you so you can get back to creating art!