Easy text and images checklist to guide you.

It’s Simple … 

Before I can begin your website, there are a few bits of important information I need from you. To keep my prices down to a minimum, I allow a limited time for the production of your website. So it is essential that you have these two Simple Checklists completed before I begin production. These checklists are designed to get you site up as quickly and inexpensively as possible!

Additional information that you provide after you have completed your checklist may be billed according to my Additional Services rates.


Please read my FAQ page — your answers are likely to be found there.


If you would like some ideas for your artist’s statement here are some handy links to get you started:

The Art League

My Artist’s Statement (literally MY statement)

Create a Simple Text Checklist

Create a Word or text page with all your information (see below) and simply email that to me at:


Subject line: Your Name – Need new website

Here’s what I’ll need from you …

  1. Your full contact information, including email
  2. If you already have a website, please provide your URL.
  3. If you have a Domain Name, please provide your URL.
  4. If you already have a Hosting company, please provide:
  • Name of Host company
  • Your User ID & Password
  • Your PIN (if you have one)

Other essentials …

  • Facebook page address
  • Any social media pages you are connected to
  • Artist’s Bio
  • Artist’s Statement
  • A few lines of text describing your art medium

… and that’s it!

Create a Simple Images Checklist

Since you’ll want to sell your artwork on this website I’ll need a detailed description of each item you will be sending so that I’ll know how many images to look for. You can simply add this information to your Text List, if that makes your life easier.

Image Checklist

  • Gather your images and put them all into one folder
  • Title each image with name of art
  • List each name, finished size, and price (or mark n/a)
  • Describe your medium (e.g. photography, oil painting, etc.) You are not limited to the amount of information needed to describe your work. Be as descriptive as you need to be to help promote your sales.

I’ll email you with instructions for uploading your photos.

Photo Specifications: Each image should be saved at 72dpi with the longest dimension at 800px or more, if possible. No image should be more than 1.5mb. It is important to provide the clearest image possible of your artwork. If your images need to be edited or enhanced, please see my Additional Services page.

Important! Every image must include a title

Example: blue-water.jpg

You are allowed up to 20 images in this $250 website package. If you have more images than the allowed amount I can instruct you how to upload them yourself (self maintenance), or you may visit my Additional Services page (paid maintenance).